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Ironmaster Super Bench Pro V2


The following item/information is for USA / INTERNATIONAL fans who love Ironmaster products. Ironmaster UK don't seem to have this product on their website yet, but I'm sure it will come at some point.

Due to requested features by Ironmaster fans/customers, the company have released version two of the popular "Super Bench PRO". The original "Super Bench PRO" I purchased a few months back which you can view videos of me using it here.

Due to the release of V2, the original "Super Bench Pro" has been discontinued.


What are the new Modifications for V2?

1. Integrated bench handle

Super Bench Pro V2 - Bench Handle

Ironmaster Super Bench Pro V2 - Integrated Bench Handle

For me this was never a huge problem not having a handle to move my original "Super Bench PRO" about. But I can see the benefits of adding one, and to be honest, the handle should be standard and should have been been included years ago (common sense). The bench does weigh a good bit (65 lbs / 30 kg), which makes it solid, so adding a handle will help all users move the bench freely about their gym.  The only issue I see from looking at the above photo is the lifter grabbing the handle to move the bench - The back of the bench does not have any wheels and only has the strong rubber supports which would make dragging the bench along the floor a bit of an issue (friction).

Wheels for The Super Bench Pro

Thankfully Ironmaster also provide the 'Wheels' as a standard accessory instead of an optional add-on so you can move the bench around your gym with ease.

The wheels can be installed on either end of the bench. Your choice. You can also purchase an additional kit of wheels and handle if you wish to have both features on both ends of the bench. Although I don't know why someone would want wheels on both ends??


2. Numbered Locking Ring

Ironmaster Super Bench Pro V2 - Numbered Locking System

Ironmaster have provided "Laser etched numbers on the locking ring so you will always be sure of the exact pressing angle." This is definitely a worthwhile additional feature that customers will greatly appreciate. This bench can be angled at 0, 5,10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 and 85 degrees.

In regards to my original "Super Bench PRO" the locking ring system for adjusting the angle of the bench (incline, flat, decline) has no numbers or angle information. So when you adjust the angle of the bench, you basically need to mentally count the number of adjustments from the flat position to your desired set angle. This is a major pain after a period of time. This problem is like having a Power Rack with one inch adjustable holes from the top to the bottom of the rack but having no "numbered" information to identify each hole position - just doesn't make sense!

Details matter (especially when paying for expensive products) and having the exact numbers / angle information clearly stated on the  "Numbered" locking system on version two will make a huge difference for the user. Once you use the bench on a regular basis you will know which angles are your favourite and you will easily be able to adjust the bench to your desired angle within seconds without having to count each locking ring adjustment which is what I currently do with my original PRO bench. The alternative for me is to write the angles on with a permanent pen, but I really don't wish to do that (yet).


3. Hybrid Bench Pad

Ironmaster Super Bench Pro V2 - Hybrid Bench Pad

Ironmaster Super Bench Pro V2 - Hybrid Bench Pad

Ironmaster Super Bench Pro V2 - Hybrid Bench Pad

Ironmaster have now made their "Hybrid Bench Pad" standard which used to be sold separately as an alternative bench pad. This new pad gives users "two width zones".

Personally I've never used the Hybrid Bench Pad and so I can't possibly comment on how good it is. I can only imagine that a lot of customers have praised the bench pad so highly that Ironmaster have therefore saw reason to ditch the old bench pad in favour of the Hybrid. The current bench pad I use (standard one for Super Bench PRO) isn't the most comfortable of pads to use in my opinion so I'm hoping the Hybrid bench pad is much more thicker and comfortable to use.


4. Additional Seat Tube Insertion

Ironmaster have provided an "Additional higher incline seat tube insertion point for better overheard pressing position".

Ironmaster Super Bench Pro V2 - Extra Seat Tube Insertion

The incline seat has 3 positions. The incline seat height in the 85 degree position can be set to either 12.5", 14.5" or 23.5" from the floor, while the top of the main pad is 24.5" above the seat in the highest position.

Due to using the original Super Bench PRO, I only have the option of two Seat Tube Insertions which is fine for me. I believe the extra (3rd) Seat Tube was added to suit much taller lifters. I'm 6ft tall and having only two incline seat positions is enough for me but for taller people, the third one may prove much better.


5. Foot Lever Improvement

Ironmaster have also improved the design of their "Foot Lever" which is used to adjust the angle of the bench.

Ironmaster Super Bench Pro V2 - Foot Lever

One of my pet hates has always been making the mistake of standing on one side of the bench to press down on the foot lever to adjust the bench angle and then realising I was pressing down on the wrong side!! The amount of times I've done this is unreal and each time was frustrating as hell! One of the things I've always said every time I make that mistake is why doesn't Ironmaster make it clear in the design which side of the bench a lifter needs to be on to adjust the angle. Thankfully, there solution for V2 has been to make the "Foot Lever" operational from 'both sides' of the bench - Great idea!


Are Super Bench PRO accessories compatible with V2?

All accessories with names that have /PRO are completely compatible with the Super Bench PRO V2. If you're unsure of the compatibility or need an adapter for some of your equipment, feel free to get in touch with Ironmaster.


Ironmaster.com (Affiliated link) at this moment in time have a special offer on - The Super Bench PRO V2 is on sale for $499.00. Regular price will be $539.00. So yes, very expensive and more expensive than the original Super Bench PRO.

Personally I would have liked Ironmaster to sell the product for the same price as the original Super Bench PRO as the newly added features should have been standard years ago in my opinion.

Is it worth the purchase in my opinion...YES if you have the money to spare. If you're considering UPGRADING from the Super Bench PRO to the Super Bench PRO V2....Not so much, unless you can sell your old bench for good money! Personally speaking, upgrading for me won't be worth it at this point. The new features are great but I'll stick with the original version for the time being.

For UK lifters, Ironmaster UK (Affiliated link) has not added this new piece of equipment to their website yet but I'm sure it will be added in due time. The UK website currently has a discount code on offer (Save 15% with code: SUMMER15) so check it out!

Support Strength Oldschool

I earn a small commission from the affiliated links I've presented above should anyone click on the links and buy something from the mentioned websites. Your support is greatly appreciated and all commissions earned help me with the cost of living and running this website etc. Thank you.


Please share your opinions of the new V2 bench if you have purchased one or are considering purchasing. I'd love to hear other lifters thoughts on V2.

Take care,

Strength Oldschool


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