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How to Upload Photos to Forum Topics?

* Please follow the steps below in order to add photos when replying to Forum Topics.


How to Upload Photos to our Forum Topics - Step 1

Click inside the "Reply to this topic" box. If the box does not open, try clicking on the far right of the "Reply Box".



How to Upload Photos to our Forum Topics - Step 2

The "Reply Box" should now be opened up (see photo above).

Type your message. You can also apply features (bold, italics, underline, url links etc) to certain words of your message if that is required. If not, just leave your reply as a simple text message.

If you wish to be notified of responses to your replied message, then activate the "Follow Topic" link.



How to Upload Photos to our Forum Topics - Step 3

In order to add an image, first click on "Choose Files".

A pop up box will appear displaying your computer files. Search for the image you wish to upload. Click on the image and select "Open".


How to Upload Photos to our Forum Topics - Step 4

Your image will now be uploaded (see screenshot above) but it is not yet attached to your message i.e. not added to reply box.

Please note, where it states "Max total size: 48.83 MB", this is the total "Upload Storage Limit Per Post". Depending on your current "Membership Level", your 'File Upload Storage Limit' will differ from the Admins limit.

If you run into any problems while trying to upload an image(s), please reply to this topic explaining your problem.

If you are unable to upload an image, it's likely because your image size is above your allocated "Upload Limit" so please use either "Photoshop" or a free software program such as "Paint" to resize your image on your computer and then attempt to re-upload.



How to Upload Photos to our Forum Topics - Step 5

In order to finally add your image to your message box, first position the curser at the end of your message and create a double space so that your curser now flashes 1.5 to 2 lines down below your message.

At this point, click on the '+' icon located on your uploaded image. You should now see your uploaded image added underneath your posted message content.

If the image appears too close to the text content, add another space to separate the image from the text. This looks better!

At this stage, do NOT click on "Submit Reply" as there are still steps to do before posting your reply...



How to Upload Photos to our Forum Topics - Step 6

Within the 'Reply Box' Double click (left mouse button) on the image you have just uploaded.

An "Image" box will now appear (see screenshot above).

The size measurements of your own uploaded image will be different to the screenshot above.

You will never need to touch the alignment buttons. Just leave as "None".

Always make sure to "Keep original aspect ratio" check box ticked! This means that when changing the size of the image,  (making the image smaller which you will probably need to do) by manually adjusting the "width", the "height" measurement will automatically adjust too. If the aspect ratio box is not ticked and you alter the size of the "width", the height will not automatically change resulting in an image that will just look wrong i.e. not in proportion.

How to Upload Photos to our Forum Topics - Step 6

Remember to give your image a "Title" and be descriptive. Use capital letters and spaces between words. This helps with google search engine optimisation.


This next step may seem confusing but hopefully I can explain it well for users to comprehend.

When uploading images to Forum topics or the Articles section, if users do not double click on the uploaded image(s) to adjust the size before "submitting", then the submitted images are very likely to appear very large on screen when viewing on desktop computers etc. To help make it easier on peoples eyes when viewing 'uploaded images', follow the guidelines and advice below as best you can...

When submitting images to this site it's important to note that images on your computer will not all be the same shape or size. Some examples of the different kinds of shapes photos can be can be seen below...


What Sizes to make certain Image Shapes

The above picture should help when altering the size of your uploaded images. The recommended measurements are just estimates only. Let me explain...


If your uploaded photo is Square in format, then it's easy. Adjust the image size so that it measures no more than 350 px (pixels) i.e. 350 x 350 px. You may find at first that your uploaded image is over 1000 px, and this would appear large on screen after posting. So if your image measures between 500 to over 1000 px, then simply reduce the image size down to 350 px. As I said, its an estimate, so you could if you wanted to, adjust the image to 400 X 400 px, that would work too, just don't go any larger.


If your intended uploaded image is this shape, I would make sure the height of the image does not exceed more than 450 px. The width will automatically adjust itself.


If your intended uploaded image is this shape, I would reduce the width of the image to around 400 - 600 px. You can settle on an exact width measurement once the height of the image drops around 450 px or below.


These images are awkward to get right. Because they're so long, they can appear to be very small when added to posts after adjusting the size. However, uploading an image this shape, I would make sure the height is no more than 450 px. This will likely reduce the width of the image to a small 100 - 150 px. But remember, users will be able to click on an image to view the large "actual size" so it's okay if it appears small within a post.



How to Upload Photos to our Forum Topics - Step 8

Once your image is added to your post, if you decide to add text below your image, make sure to add a Space or two to separate your image from your text. Presentation is key and important on Strength Oldschool!

When you're happy, go ahead and click "Submit Reply" to view your post with an uploaded image (see below).


How to Upload Photos to our Forum Topics - Step 8 - Final Uploaded Image


To submit more than one image per post, you simply add a couple of spaces underneath your first image (curser should flash underneath your image) and add your second image after uploading. For a third image etc, simply repeat.

If adding more than one image per post, please remember to adjust the size of each uploaded image and add an "Image Title".


If you are still confused about uploading images to forum topics and wish to ask a question, then please respond below. Thank you.

At the end of the day, I don't wish to make posting images confusing, so just use your best judgement when it comes to adjusting image sizes.

Thank you.

Strength Oldschool

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