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How to Upload Photos to Gallery

* Please note, only two levels of "Membership" can upload images to the Gallery and that is "FANS" and "LOYAL FANS". "Guests" and basic "Members" cannot upload images to the Gallery. Click for more detailed info on our website "Membership Levels".

There are two ways to begin adding photos to the Strength Oldschool Gallery...

STEP 1: 

How to Upload Photos to Gallery - Step 1

The Gallery front page contains a list of Image categories. Instead of clicking on one of these categories, you can simply select the "Add Images" button.


How to Upload Photos to Gallery - Step 2a

Clicking the "Add Images" red button will take you to the following screen where you can select a category to add Images to. Once you select a category you will be taken to this screen (see image below)...

How to Upload Photos to Gallery - Step 2b



How to Upload Photos to Gallery - Step 3a

The other way to add images to the gallery from the front page is to select a specific category such as "Old School Bodybuilders" (see screenshot above) and then clicking the "Add Images" button. It takes you to the same stage (see screenshot below).

How to Upload Photos to Gallery - Step 3b



How to Upload Photos to Gallery - Step 4

Click on the "Notification Settings" button and where it states "Notify me of comments on these images" - Click to Activate. Then SAVE! By activating this feature, you will receive notifications every time someone comments on your uploaded image. Don't worry about the other 3 buttons.


How to Upload Photos to Gallery - Step 5

Now click on "Add Images" and browse your computer to select an image or images for uploading.

To upload more than one image at a time, hold down "Ctrl" key on your computer keyboard and select additional images then click on "Open".


How to Upload Photos to Gallery - Step 6

Once you see your uploaded image, proceed to click on it.

If you have uploaded more than one image, you will need to click on each image separately to add the descriptive details.



How to Upload Photos to Gallery - Step 7

Fill out the "Caption" field for your uploaded Image and be as descriptive as possible using capitals and lower case letters with spaces between words.


How to Upload Photos to Gallery - Step 8a

Fill out the 'Description' field. You can write in plain text (see above) or use the fancy 'Rich Text Editor' (see below). It's up to you.

How to Upload Photos to Gallery - Step 8b

With the 'Rich Text Editor' you can add a "Youtube" video link within the description (just add the browser URL of the video link, not the EMBED code). You can also add links and format text etc.


How to Upload Photos to Gallery - Step 9

Add "Tags" to describe your uploaded photo(s) - Be as descriptive as you can. You MUST enter a minimum of 5 tags and no more than 80. Tags are extremely important as it allows all users to use the "Search" function of the website to locate content containing similar "tags". So for example... bodybuilding, weight training, dumbbells, fitness training motivation etc. Tags are lower case, can be single words or phrases with spaces between words. To apply a tag as seen in red from the screenshot above, add a comma after the tag.

STEP 10:

How to Upload Photos to Gallery - Step 10

Not required but if you were uploading a classic bodybuilding photo or strength photo of some kind, it's always nice to pay respect to the person who took the photo i.e. the Photographer (if you know the photographer's name).

If you know the name of the Photographer - within the "Credit" field you would simply state: Photographer: Full Name.

If you do not know the name simply state: Photographer: Unknown.

Now if you were uploading a photo of a particular fitness / gym product, then please state the name of the fitness / gym equipment company that makes or sells the product for example: BodySolid.com.

For the Copyright field, you can if you wish just leave this field blank or add: Strength-Oldschool.com.

* Please always check spelling of website names or Photographers names when filling out both fields above. Thank you.

STEP 11:

How to Upload Photos to Gallery - Step 11

Once all fields regarding your uploaded image(s) have been filled out, you will need to click "Save Details" first before clicking on "Submit All Images". Once you click "Save Details", your image(s) will show a "Green Circle with a Tick" meaning all details such as tags, credit, copyright, description etc has been saved for that particular image (s). At this point only, you are ready to "Submit All Images".

If you are still confused and wish to ask a question then please respond below. Thank you.

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