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Our "Iron Talk" section contains two categories for users to post articles within:

  1. Old School Bodybuilding & Strength Training: General discussion on Iron History and Old School Bodybuilding & Strength Legends.

    The above category was created to share classic "Old School" Training Articles from the past, penned by Iron Historians and Strength Enthusiasts, who lived and breathed the muscle and strength culture. This gym dungeon area is for discussing Iron Legends including articles that are challenging to find now, possibly out of print!  Such content is invaluable to beginner lifters or to old school bodybuilding fans. Unless you are willing to pay a small fortune on eBay in buying vintage bodybuilding magazines from the 1940s up to the 1970s, it's really difficult to come across honest, real training articles based on legends of bodybuilding, that don't spew a whole lot of made up marketing nonsense!
  2. Monster Arms and Curling Strength: Visit here for Arm Training Motivation. This section will focus purely on Arm Building, Monster Arms and 'The Strict / Cheat Barbell Curl'. Compare your curling strength to that of others throughout history! * The Sport of Arm Wrestling and Grip Training from past to present will also be discussed here. *

If you feel the Forum should have another category for more specific discussions, you are free to express your thoughts and ask questions here.

General Advice for Article Posting

Please do not just post Images containing articles (see example photo below) and creating new Forum posts that way. If the image(s) are high quality and the article text on the image can easily be read, then please consider typing up the article and posting the article text content within the appropriate section. Posting Article Images only without actually typing out all the content from the article within a Forum Post, is not good for "Search Engine Optimisation". If you do not wish to take the time to type up an article from an image(s), Strength Oldschool completely understands as this can be time consuming. Please then consider uploading your article image(s) to the following Gallery category.

Example of Image containing an Article

* If you're not sure how to upload an image properly, click here.

Before submitting articles, always check for spelling mistakes, missed out words or letters, capital letters etc. Always double check your posted content.

If there are speech marks within your article, please use "Italics".

Always provide appropriate photos to go with your uploaded article (if possible). In my opinion, it is always best to read articles with pictures as it stimulates the brain better.

At the end of the article, try to include the source (if possible) of where the original article came from i.e. name of magazine (include publication date) or book. 


How to Upload Articles?


The screenshot below shows you an example of how to add an article within the "Old School Bodybuilding and Strength Training" section. Simply click "Start New Topic" to begin the process.

How to Upload Articles to Forum - Step 1



Always make sure you activate the "Follow Topic" button. This will enable you to receive notifications whenever someone replies to your posted article.

How to Upload Articles to Forum - Step 2



Make sure to include a Descriptive "Title" for your article.

How to Upload Articles to Forum - Step 3



Make sure to add descriptive "Tags" to your article. The more the better. An example of how tags appear at the top of a posted article can be seen below. Tags can be single words. They can also be phrases such as 'bulking up', 'how to get bigger'. Phrases have spaces between words. All tags should be typed as lower case.

How to Upload Articles to Forum - Step 5



Always include the name of the Author of the article and place it in "BOLD".

Be sure to include a picture before article content. And make sure to add relevant photos throughout your posted article.

How to Upload Articles to Forum - Step 6



If you are not the author of the article which you are posting but are editing the article by adding photos, please include "Edited by: Your name" underneath the name of the author. If the name of the author is unknown, please also include that i.e. "Author of this Article: Unknown".

How to Upload Articles to Forum - Step 7



Always make sure to include space between text and photos. 

How to Upload Articles to Forum - Step 8




If the opportunity presents itself, use "Bulleted Lists" to present certain information.

How to Upload Articles to Forum - Step 10



For "Sub-Headings" please make "BOLD" and "Size = 20".

How to Upload Articles to Forum - Step 11


STEP 10:

Once you have posted your finished article. Please share the article to social media.

How to Upload Articles to Forum - Step 12


I really do not wish to make posting articles within the Forum section confusing, but I do want consistency throughout the website. If anyone is not willing to take the time and effort to follow the above guidelines then please do not post articles within the Forums.

If you are still confused and wish to ask a question then please respond below. Thank you.

Thanks for taking the time to read this section,

Happy posting!

Strength Oldschool

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