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Rules to Follow as a Member

Simple rules to keep order. Guests & Members should read this before posting!


  1. Do not post on this website unless you have read our 'Rules & Guidelines". By posting, it is assumed you have read, understood, and have agreed to abide by our rules.
  2. Certain topics / posts by users may bring heated discussions between members. However, please remain civil and refrain from personally attacking others due to having differing opinions. Disagreeing with someone is perfectly fine and everyone's entitled to their opinion and to express their own personal thoughts and feelings but not at the expense of attacking someone or making fun of someone or making them feel bad. Any member choosing to deliberately attack someone through name calling etc will be banned. Bullying, racist comments or anything offensive will not be tolerated on this website. Always be respectful to others at all times. Mental health is a serious issue in this day and age and this website / community should be positive and encouraging in nature. No one should be made to feel bad on Strength Oldschool.
  3. If you choose to upload photos to the gallery within the "Old School Bodybuilders" section etc, please try to provide some background info regarding the photo such as date, person(s) in the photo, place etc, if possible. It's always nice to have some background info when viewing pictures. Please also do your best to give "Credit" to the name of the original Photographer (if known).
  4. Please do NOT post any inappropriate content on this site such as anything that could be deemed as "Pornography". No naked images of any kind or discussions that involve a sexual nature. Go find another website for that type of content.
  5. Posted content by ex-members who have been "Banned" will remain here on the site. Only inappropriate content by the "Banned" ex-member(s) will be removed. So members please note, what you post on Strength Oldschool will stay here regardless of whether you leave and never visit the site again or whether you unfortunately become "Banned".
  6. Do not join this website to simply promote your business, services or push your own affiliated links! This will not be tolerated and your posts will either be edited or DELETED and you risk being BANNED. Should you reply to a particular topic to help a fellow member with recommending gym equipment to buy etc, please use a standard URL link and NOT your 'Affiliated Link'. "Loyal Fans" with a post count of 100 or more have the ability to add one URL link within the 'signature' of their posted content. This URL link can be a direct link to their own personal website, Instagram account, Facebook page, Twitch stream account, Youtube page, "Affiliated Link" etc. Your 'signature' is the only place where you are free to place an 'Affiliated Link' or promote your own website etc.
  7. If you wish to "Advertise" your business / services on Strength Oldschool then please contact us to see what we can do for you.
  8. All New Members MUST introduce themselves within 24hrs of joining the site. This is to prove you are not a Robot or Spammer!! If new members do not do this, your account will be BANNED!!
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