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Bodybuilding Legend Boyer Coe - Bigger Biceps

Forget Triceps at this point in time and instead keep the focus of this topic on Biceps training comparing two exercises only: The Strict Curl vs The Cheat Curl. Which one is more effective, in your opinion, to build larger muscles of the upper arm? If a lifter specifically focused ONLY on "Cheat Curls" using either an Ez-Bar or straight bar, it doesn't matter, would they lack arm development by not using ultra strict form?

Heavy cheat curls are considered "TABOO" in today's times as wannabe experts would have you believe they're a waste of time, will lead to injuries and offer no benefits to biceps development as swinging a barbell enlists every other muscle group BUT the BICEPS!!

However, "The Cheat Curl" is a fantastic "Old School" bodybuilding and strength exercise which has been used by legends such as Doug Hepburn and Reg Park (both these lifters claimed to be natural). Arnold and Sergio Oliva were also big fans of the cheat barbell curl and check out their arms!! 

Photo below: Sergio Oliva in Japan around 1972 performing heavy cheat barbell curls with 100 kg (220 lbs).

1972 Sergio Oliva - 220 lbs Barbell Curls

If you watch any training videos of "Brutal" Bertil Fox (photo below), you'll notice he never uses strict form. Especially when it comes to barbell curls, he always swings the weight up which allows him to handle much heavier weights.

The Arms of Bertil Fox


Bertil Fox


Here is a video showing 1960's bodybuilder Bruce Randall, famous for his massive arms performing heavy cheat barbell curls.


I do strongly believe that lifters through trial and error need to find exercises which work for them. What works for one lifter may not work for someone else. Everyone is different.

Regarding which is better, strict curl or cheat curl? Both methods have their place in my book. From a strength point of view, the "Cheat Curl" is necessary, but does the heaving of heavy weights help produce bigger bicep / arm gains...I honestly don't know. If you're of the believe that to get bigger, you must get stronger then, in order to handle maximum weights, it would be better to train using the "Cheat" style. But if you believe that a lifter doesn't need to handle heavy weights to get bigger muscles, then why use the "Cheat Curl"?

Is Strict Form Needed to Build Big Arms?

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