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Craig Monson was a huge bodybuilder who spent several years in San Quentin Jail. He competed at a ripped bodyweight of +270 lbs at a time when the biggest bodybuilders were around 240 lbs. When I say ripped, I mean just sheer BEASTLY size with NO bubble gut / bloated belly like today's Mr Olympia giants. He even made Sergio Oliva look small! At a height of 6ft 2, he dwarfed competitors with arms over 23 inches!

Craig Monson and Sergio Oliva

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Craig Monson

Craig Monson Arm Pose

Bodybuilding Legend Craig Monson Training at the Muscle Beach Pit

Craig Monson - 225 lbs Barbell Curls

Strength Feats included 400 pounds on bench press for 4 sets of 25 reps which eventually led to 500 lbs for double digit sets then finishing up with 200-pound dumbbells for all at Muscle Beach to witness. He was also known to manhandle 315 lbs skull crushers as he reached back grabbing the weight from off the floor.


Interview with Craig Monson




Fans of Craig can visit his website - click here.

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