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Home Garage Gyms


Uploading Photos to this Gallery section differs slightly compared to uploading photos to our other gallery sections. Within this Gallery, PLEASE ONLY UPLOAD ONE PHOTO INITIALLY. Any additional photos of your Home Gym which you wish to also upload can be added within the comments section of your main uploaded photo. This helps keep all your 'Home Gym' photos within the one uploaded area. Otherwise, if you were to upload several photos at the one time, all the photos would appear separately within the Gallery. Instructions on doing this can be read below.

To upload photos of your home gym...

1. Click "Add Images" button
2. Click on the "Notification Settings" button and where it states "Notify me of comments on these images" - Click to Activate. Then SAVE! Don't worry about the other 3 buttons.
3. Now click on "Add Images".
4. Browse your computer for one image only. * If you upload more than one image, your images will appear as separate photos within the gallery (not good). So only upload one photo at this stage.
5. Click on your 'Uploaded Image'.
6. Now fill out the 'Caption' field.
7. Fill out the 'Description' field. You can write in plain text or use the fancy 'Rich Text Editor'. It's up to you. You can also add a "Youtube" video link within the description should you have video footage of your gym! Just add the URL of your browser link, not the EMBED code!! Within the 'Description' field, please also include the size of your gym, type of equipment you have, where you purchased them from, include info on flooring and any other things you can think of.
8. Add "Tags" to describe your uploaded photo - Be as descriptive as you can, you only need 4 or 5 tags.
9. Add a "Credit" and "Copyright" if you feel the need to, otherwise just leave blank.
10. Now click "Save Details" and then click on "Submit All Images" to upload your photo within the 'Home Garage Gyms' category.

** If you have additional photos of your home gym still to upload, please add the remainder by firstly clicking on your initial uploaded gallery photo....Then scroll down and where it says "add a comment", click within this box to respond to your photo. Within the 'Comments' field, you can now upload the rest of your photos. You will need to upload the photos first and then click the + icon to actually attach / add your photos within the 'Comments' box. Separate your photos within the comments box by adding one or two spaces between each photo.


Any problems, contact Strength Oldschool.

Need inspiration to build your own Home Garage Gym...Check these great home gyms out!

If you already have a Home Gym, upload your photos to this gallery and show it off! Consider telling us the size of your gym, what gym equipment you have, what gym equipment you're thinking of buying etc?

Before uploading photos please read the RULES above first!

Note: Depending on your current "Membership level" you may not have the ability yet to upload photos within this gallery.

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      Highly recommended. Having the ability to transform most dumbbells, barbells, chinning bars, cable machines etc into thick grip bars is awesome! Makes training so much more fun and challenging. My only negative (hence the drop in one star) and its a small one... if doing high reps on dumbbell curls for example, the rubber material of the Fat Grip can occasionally cause friction burns as the fat grip rubs against your skin during exercise which can be annoying. But definitely NOT a deal breaker.
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