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Ironmaster Leg Attachment Pro
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Credit Company: Ironmaster

I'm looking into getting a Leg Curl / Leg Extension Attachment training device (pictured opposite) and Ironmaster is at the top of my list as I've previously purchased equipment from them in the past and I've NEVER been disappointed.

This Leg Attachment (Pro version) on the Ironmaster UK website retails at £189.00 (GBP).

Ironmaster.com retails the same device at $189.00 (US).

The downside with buying something like this means I would also need to purchase an Ironmaster Pro Bench as the Leg Attachment Pro only fits the Pro Bench.

Ironmaster.com retails the "Super Bench Pro" at $399.00 (US) while the UK site prices the same Pro Bench at £399.00 (GBP).

If I didn't already have a weight training bench, it wouldn't be a big deal. However, I've just recently purchased a new Flat Bench and I don't have the space in my house to store two benches. So it's a case of either forget Ironmaster completely and find something else OR... invest in Ironmaster and ditch my currently new bench...What to do...What to do??

If anyone would like to share their thoughts on how good the  Ironmaster Bench really is please express your honest comments. Also let me know if the Leg Attachment is any good or not.

The other alternative for me (without actually buying a Leg Curl / Leg Extension machine) would be to find a company that could possibly design something like this.


Company: Ironmaster


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