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Why the Strict Press was Removed from Olympic Weightlifting
© Strength-Oldschool.com
Credit Photographer: Tommy Kono

Weightlifter Jakubovski going after a World Record Strict Press in the 242 lbs weight class. Failed lift due to not standing erect and locking out the arms. Looking at the photo I can clearly understand the reason why the strict press was eliminated from Olympic Weightlifting and left with two lifts only - Snatch and Clean & Jerk. I just wonder how many records were set while athletes performed lifts using this ultra cheating style! The lifter has clearly turned the Press into an Incline Bench Press attempt and thankfully failed. The Strict Press was eliminated from Olympic Lifting after the 1972 Olympic Games.


Photographer: Tommy Kono


© Strength-Oldschool.com

Photo Information for Why the Strict Press was Removed from Olympic Weightlifting


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