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Franco Columbu Training Arthur Jones HIT Style
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Franco Columbu Training Arthur Jones HIT Style using the Nautilus Pullover Machine.

In 1970 Arthur invited Arnold and Franco Columbu to visit him in Lake Helen, Florida, right after the 1970 Mr. Olympia.

Franco built one of the best Mr Olympia bodies ever with a huge back and split chest. He was a tough character having trained as a competitive boxer in his younger days and could easily handle heavy stressful workouts. In reference to Arthur Jones "HIT" workouts which Franco and Arnold once tried...


"Franco Columbu tried some workouts with Arthur as well, apparently Franco could take any amount of punishment and still come up smiling! Not so Arnold who could not tolerate total failure and threw up each time, giving up after a handful of workouts and declaring in Muscle Builder that training that way was insane." ~ Magnus

From T Nation website:


"Franco, on the other hand, got very good results. Man, he just took to high-intensity training and seemed to grow with every workout. Supposedly they both were going to stay there for two weeks. Franco did but Arnold mysteriously left one night after the first week and never showed up again." ~ Dr. Ellington Darden



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