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My name's Rob and I initially launched Strength Oldschool way back around 2009.

I've always had a passion for old school bodybuilding and loved reading training articles on bodybuilding & strength legends. I've collected quite a few bodybuilding magazines over the years!

Strength Oldschool Bodybuilding Book Collection

Photo above: A small sample collection of bodybuilding books I own.

My genetics have never been that great for bodybuilding and the thought of stepping on stage wearing a thong never appealed to me. So my focus from a young age was bulking up to become bigger and stronger in order to change my physique from a really skinny 9.5 stone bodyweight at 6ft tall at 18 years young.

Strength Oldschool at 16 Years Old - 1997 Photo

Photo above: Me at 16 years young (1997) - Check out those skinny arms! To see the gains I made later on as a "Natural" lifter, check out this article.

To motivate myself further I trained specifically for power and strength and competed in both Olympic Lifting and Powerlifting. Nothing major, just local contests. Progress was going well until unfortunately I injured my knees in the gym which put a stop to my competitive career.

Strength Oldschool Powerlifting Days

Photo above: Me performing a Deadlift during a Scottish Powerlifting competition. Not sure of the year. Check out those arm genetics ha ha! 


* All powerlifting competitions I wore a belt and knee wraps unless otherwise stated. No equipment was worn during my olympic lifting competitions i.e. no belt, no knee wraps etc - lifts were performed raw.

7th June - 2003 - 'The U23 Scottish Juniors Powerlifting Championship'

SQUAT: 140 kg (308 lbs)
BENCH PRESS: 100 kg (220 lbs)
DEADLIFT: 160 kg (352 lbs)

TOTAL: 400 kg (880 lbs) at a bodyweight of 81.5 kg (Position - 1st)

29th November - 2003 - 'The Scottish Powerlifting Association Open Championship'

SQUAT: 150 kg (330 lbs)
BENCH PRESS: 105 kg (231 lbs)
DEADLIFT: 190 kg (418 lbs)

TOTAL: 445 kg (979 lbs) at a bodyweight of 78.7 kg (Position - 2nd)

21st February - 2004 - 'Western District Championships'

SQUAT: 152.5 kg (335.5 lbs)
BENCH PRESS: 112.5 kg (247.5 lbs)
DEADLIFT: 192.5 kg (423.5 lbs)

TOTAL: 457.5 kg (1006.5 lbs) at a bodyweight of around 81 kg (Position - 3rd)

7th March - 2004 - 'Scottish Open Olympic Competition'

SNATCH: 70 kg (154 lbs)
CLEAN and JERK: 95 kg (209 lbs)

TOTAL: 165 kg (363 lbs) at a bodyweight of around 80kg (Position - 2nd)

18th April - 2004 - 'The Scottish Powerlifting Association Senior Championship'

SQUAT: 165 kg (363 lbs)
BENCH PRESS: 110 kg (242 lbs)
DEADLIFT: 195 kg (429 lbs)

TOTAL: 470 kg (1034 lbs) at a bodyweight of 80.5kg (Position - 4th)

4th July - 2004 - 'The U23 Scottish Powerlifting UNEQUIPPED Open Championship'

*** No Belt or Knee Wraps were worn during this meet ***

SQUAT: 155 kg (341 lbs)
BENCH PRESS: 100 kg (220 lbs)
DEADLIFT: 182.5 kg (401.5 lbs)

TOTAL: 437.5 kg (962.5 lbs) at a bodyweight of 81.1kg (Position - 1st)

28th August - 2004 - 'The Eastern and Western Districts Olympic Weightlifting Championships'

SNATCH: 82.5 kg (181.5 lbs)
CLEAN and JERK: 95 kg (209 lbs)

TOTAL: 177.5 kg (390.5 lbs) at a bodyweight of 78.350 kg (Position - 2nd)

8th October - 2005 - 'The Eastern and Western Districts Powerlifting Championship'

*** BELT, Knee Wraps and Wrist Wraps used ***

SQUAT: 160 kg (352 lbs)
BENCH PRESS: 117.5 kg (258.5 lbs)
DEADLIFT: 202.5 kg (445.5 lbs)

TOTAL: 480 kg (1056 lbs) at a bodyweight of 77.2kg (Position - 1st)


Click the links below to watch the video footage.

SQUAT: 192.5 kg (423.5 lbs)
BENCH PRESS: 135 kg (297 lbs) 
DEADLIFT: 205 kg (451 lbs) * Video link only shows 200 kg (440 lbs) *
PUSH PRESS: 102.5 kg (225.5 lbs) * Video link only shows 98.5 kg (216.7 lbs) *
MILITARY PRESS: 82.5 kg (181.5 lbs) * Video link only shows 76 kg (167.2 lbs) *


Keep training hard folks!

All the best,

Strength Oldschool