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Robert Forbes - Owner of Strength Oldschool 

A massive hello to all Strength Oldschool fans from around the world! If you are reading this, I appreciate your time and support. My name is Robert Forbes, born 8 July, 1981 and I am the passionate person behind Strength Oldschool. I don't usually refer to myself using my real name but instead prefer to use "Strength Oldschool".



On December 24, 2009, the Strength Oldschool website was launched online! Throughout the years the site has undergone several transformations mainly due to upgrading technology i.e. starting off as a basic html website and then progressing to 'Invision Board' software, then... transitioning into a Wordpress Blog website and most recently...Switching over to a 'Myshopify' platform. Despite the developments Strength Oldschool's no.1 priorty has always been to keep old school bodybuilding aesthetics alive! The following photo of Bodybuilding Legend, Sergio Oliva will show you what I mean:

The Myth Sergio Oliva


The sport of bodybuilding has unfortunately gone down hill due to current bodybuilders playing the size game and building huge bellies and grotesque bodies - I'm not totally blaming the athletes themselves - the out of control progression of the sport is probably due to several factors such as the concoction and advancement of drugs and judging standards etc. If you wish to read more of my thoughts on the decline of current bodybuilding then please click here.

HELPING OTHERS (Priority No.2)

I have decided to introduce Online Personal Training. Simply because I wish to help other lifters around the world who are starting out training as beginners and especially individuals who are skinny like I was as a kid and are looking to bulk up and get stronger and build muscle. With over 20+ years training experience and through years of trial and error, I strongly feel I can help individuals develop better confidence and self-esteem through building muscle and strength. So if you're a lifter with very little training experience and need guidance on training and wish to build yourself up naturally and obtain the experience from a life-long natural lifter / coach, then contact Strength Oldschool.

Strength Oldschool - Ready for the Gym

[Pic above:] Strength Oldschool (2016)



I was always athletic as a youngster having competed locally in both swimming and running. I did train with weights on and off from a young age and joined a local gym at around the age of 15 / 16. My physique at that point in time was non-existent, I was skin and bone!!

A very Skinny Strength Oldschool at around 15 or 16 years old.

[Pic above:] Strength Oldschool at around 15 years old with tooth-picks for arms!!

The gym I had joined closed down a year or so later. I then decided to join another gym called 'The Hardcore Hell Hole Gym' owned at that time by professional bodybuilder, Stevie Creighton.

Bodybuilder Steve Creighton

This was actually my first real taste of a true 'hardcore' bodybuilding gym. The dumbbells progressed from the smallest of baby weights (2.5kg) right up to over 70kg dumbbells!! It was there that I developed a taste for strength training and using abbreviated training programs. In the past I was always training using isolation exercises instead of basic compound lifts. My workout sessions would last 3 hours!! I spent more time training arms than I did the big muscle groups like legs and back. As you can imagine, I experienced no gains! So training in a hardcore gym along side much bigger and stronger men, made me evaluate my own training. The Gym soon switched ownership and became 'Peak Physique'. Renovations transformed the gym from looking "Hardcore" to appealing more suitable towards the general public but it was still a great gym with all the basic equipment needed to train well.

Peak Physique Gym

That's what appeals to me about a great gym...Being able to use Power Racks, heavy Dumbbells and lot's of free weights. Machines are ok but bodybuilding legends were all built through using basic barbells and dumbbells with the occasional machine thrown in from time to time. Having access to one of the best free weight gyms in my local area meant I could pursue my goal of getting stronger. Within a couple of years I began entering Powerlifting and Olympic Weightlifting competitions. Using the weights to get stronger and build muscle helped improve my confidence and self-esteem.

Strength Oldschool Powerlifting Days

[Pic above:] Strength Oldschool - Powerlifting Days

As you can see from the photo above, I never had a bodybuilders type physique. My thighs were okay, calves were poor, my arms were incrediably skinny and have always been a major weak point due to genetics. In my younger days I always struggled to gain bodyweight due to a fast metabolism but if I'm honest, that was just an excuse for not eating properly! My training at that point in time was good, a lot  better than previous years but I still wasn't training effectively. If I knew back then the knowledge of what I know now, my physique and strength levels would have been so much more impressive.

Strength Oldschool

Training for the sport of Powerlifting and Olympiclifting  I really enjoyed. I wasn't freakishly strong but my confidence was better and I was much stronger compared to years before. Training can be tedious at times which was why I chose to enter competitions. It was also a great way to take my training more seriously and compare my strength with other athletes. I competed from 2003 to 2005. Unfortunately my competitive career was cut short due to picking up a knee injury. To this day, I still have the urge to get back into powerlifting competition but at the moment I'm happy with training and setting PR's within my own 'Home Garage Gym'.



* All competitions I wore a belt and knee wraps unless otherwise stated.

7th June - 2003 - 'The U23 Scottish Juniors Powerlifting Championship'
SQUAT - 140kg (308 pounds)
BENCH PRESS - 100kg (220 pounds)
DEADLIFT - 160kg (352 pounds)
TOTAL - 400kg (880 pounds) at a bodyweight of 81.5kg (Position - 1st)
29th November - 2003 - 'The Scottish Powerlifting Association Open Championship'
SQUAT - 150kg (330 pounds)
BENCH PRESS - 105kg (231 pounds)
DEADLIFT - 190kg (418 pounds)
TOTAL - 445kg (979 pounds) at a bodyweight of 78.7kg (Position - 2nd)
21st February - 2004 - 'Western District Championships'
SQUAT - 152.5kg (335.5 pounds)
BENCH PRESS - 112.5kg (247.5 pounds)
DEADLIFT - 192.5kg (423.5 pounds)
TOTAL - 457.5kg (1006.5 pounds) at a bodyweight of around 81kg (Position - 3rd)
7th March - 2004 - 'Scottish Open Olympic Competition'
SNATCH - 70kg (154 pounds)
CLEAN and JERK - 95kg (209 pounds)
TOTAL - 165kg (363 pounds) at a bodyweight of around 80kg (Position - 2nd)
18th April - 2004 - 'The Scottish Powerlifting Association Senior Championship'
SQUAT - 165kg (363 pounds)
BENCH PRESS - 110kg (242 pounds)
DEADLIFT - 195kg (429 pounds)
TOTAL - 470kg (1034 pounds) at a bodyweight of 80.5kg (Position - 4th)
4th July - 2004 - 'The U23 Scottish Powerlifting UNEQUIPPED Open Championship'
SQUAT - 155kg(341 pounds)
BENCH PRESS - 100kg (220 pounds)
DEADLIFT - 182.5kg (401.5 pounds)
TOTAL - 437.5kg (962.5 pounds) at a bodyweight of 81.1kg (Position - 1st)
*** No Belt or Knee Wraps were worn during this meet ***
28th August - 2004 - 'The Eastern and Western Districts Olympic Weightlifting Championships'
SNATCH - 82.5kg (181.5 pounds)
CLEAN and JERK - 95kg (209 pounds)
TOTAL - 177.5kg (390.5 pounds) at a bodyweight of 78.350 kg (Position - 2nd)
8th October - 2005 - 'The Eastern and Western Districts Powerlifting Championship'
SQUAT - 160kg (352 pounds)
BENCH PRESS - 117.5kg (258.5 pounds)
DEADLIFT - 202.5kg (445.5 pounds)
TOTAL - 480kg (1056 pounds) at a bodyweight of 77.2kg (Position - 1st)
*** BELT, Knee Wraps and Wrist Wraps used ***
* Watch footage of this contest below *


Squat: 192.5kg (423.5 pounds)
Bench Press: 135kg (297 pounds)
Deadlift: 205kg (451 pounds)
Push Press: 102.5kg (225.5 pounds)
Military Press: 82.5kg (181.5 pounds)

** Watch old Gym Training Footage of myself from years ago click here.


I've been fighting being skinny throughout most of my life. Some people are born and blessed with great genetics and simply grow big no-matter what they do or how they train. That's life! At times I look back on my life and view photos from my much younger and extremely skinnier days and I imagine what could have been if I could go back in time and apply the knowledge that I know now to my much, younger self. I would have easily made gains and progressed at a much, much, FASTER rate. Guaranteed!

Training in Home Garage Gym

If you're reading this and either you're a beginner to training or you just wish to buy an alternative training program, no matter what your level of training experience is, feel free to contact Strength Oldschool for Online Personal Training (Workout Programs and Coaching Services). Strength Oldschool want our Clients / Fans to succeed in training and not waste months or even years through trial & error. Contact us today!

** Meeting WSM Competitor Sebastian Wenta back in 2010 **

Meeting WSM Competitor Sebastian Wenta

Sebastian was HUGE!!
Strength Oldschool