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Home Gym Equipment Recommendations

By Strength Oldschool

Rob, A.K.A. "Strength Oldschool" is a Home Gym Trainer having made the switch from a commercial gym over ten years ago and has never looked back!

This section contains a list of all the Gym Equipment companies and Gym Training Products which Strength Oldschool has personally purchased, loves and still continues to use and thus recommends!

Under each company logo below will be links to written Product Reviews, videos and associated articles, including direct "Affiliated" links straight to the recommended company / product(s).

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A current list of Gym companies recommended here include the following...

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Please note that "Reviews" of Gym products will not just be POSITIVE. Reviews will be HONEST and include GOOD and BAD points!

If you have any questions related to a specific gym product which Strength Oldschool owns, please locate the product video (if possible) on our Youtube channel and post your question(s) there.


On to the Gym companies...

Ironmaster Gym Equipment - Home of the World's Strongest Adjustable Dumbbells

IRONMASTER provide Compact, Heavy Duty, Home Gym Training Equipment and are the owner of the World's Strongest Adjustable Dumbbells. Ironmaster also sell Racks, Barbells, Cable Machines and more!

The links below will take you directly to the main website of Ironmaster!


Strength Oldschool has purchased several gym items from Ironmaster. Direct product links have been posted below for both UK and USA Ironmaster websites.



To see videos of the above products by Strength Oldschool click here.

Check out these Ironmaster related articles / reviews...


Iron Bull Strength Gym Equipment - Home of the 3 Inch Alpha Grips!

IRON BULL STRENGTH sell Premium Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Cross-Training and Home Gym Equipment.

Strength Oldschool has purchased Monster Resistance Bands and Alpha Grips (Thick Grip Attachments) from Iron Bull Strength. All of which have been excellent.

'Alpha Grips' are an alternative to Fat Gripz. However the cool thing about Alpha Grips is...they go up to 3 Inches in diameter whereas the Fat Gripz do not.

For more information on Alpha Grips and Thick Grip Training Attachments in general, check out this related article!

To see videos of all the Iron Bull Strength products owned by Strength Oldschool click here. More videos will be added soon.

Link: Iron Bull Strength
Discount Code: "strengtholdschool" [ SAVE 10% ]


Gym Pin - UK Gym Equipment Company

GYM-PIN manufactures high quality Gym Equipment. Two well known gym products include the "Gym Pin" and the "D-Handle". If your gym machines feel light as a feather, try using the Gym Pin to easily add more weight! Ships World-Wide!

Strength Oldschool has purchased two items from Gym-Pin; the original 2" Gym-Pin device which allows you to add more poundage to weight stacks, and the 30 Inch long D-Handle Bar which is amazing to use.

To see videos of all the Gym Pin products owned by Strength Oldschool click here. More videos will be added soon!

Link: Gym Pin
Discount Code: "strengtholdschool10" [ SAVE 10% ]



Fat Gripz - The Original Portable Thick Grip Training Handle

FAT GRIPZ instantly convert Barbells, Dumbbells, Chin-Up Bars and Exercise Machines into THICK BARS!

Fat Gripz were the original Thick Grip tools. Check out this article for more information.

To see videos of all the Fat Gripz products owned by Strength Oldschool click here. More videos to be added soon!

Link: Amazon



BRAINGAIN sell Smart Home Gym Equipment including Adjustable Dumbbells, Kettlebells and Benches.

BRAINGAIN sell Smart Home Gym Equipment including Adjustable Dumbbells, Kettlebells and Benches.

Strength Oldschool has purchased a pair of "Nuobell" 32kg (70 lbs) Adjustable Dumbbells from this company. These dumbbells look exactly the same as "Nuobell" but are branded "BRAINGAIN" and sold at a much, much cheaper price. So far, they have been an excellent purchase.

Strength Oldschool considers the "Nuobell" Adjustable Dumbbell as possibly the best and most compact adjustable dumbbell ever! Check out this article for more information.

To see all videos based on the "Nuobell" Adjustable Dumbbell from BRAINGAIN, click here.




Mad Spotter PRO Dumbbell Safety Hooks

MAD SPOTTER is home to the latest and Best PRO Dumbbell Safety Hooks.

So if you train by yourself, perhaps suffer from injuries, and you love training with Heavy Dumbbells but wish to avoid cleaning the dumbbells from the floor before pressing, then consider getting a pair of Mad Spotter PRO Dumbbell Safety Hooks!

A full Review can be read here.

To see all videos based on the Mad Spotter PRO Dumbbell Safety Hooks click here.

Link: Mad Spotter
Discount Code: "strengtholdschool10" [ SAVE 10% ]


Home Gym Con - Convention for people who lift from their garages, basements, backyards, sheds, barns, and more!

HOME GYM CON is a Convention for those lifting from their garages, basements, backyards, sheds, barns, and more! Anyone looking to get their hands on unique equipment, meet like-minded people, learn, save on gym equipment purchases, and watch live lifts will enjoy these Conventions.

Upcoming Convention: April 14 - 16, 2023. Click the link below for more info!

Link: Home Gym Con
Ticket Discount Code: "strengtholdschool" [ SAVE 10% ]


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Take care and happy training!

Strength Oldschool