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Home Gym Training Motivation
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Home Gym Recording Setup

By Strength Oldschool

This page will include information on and links to the products I use to record my Gym Workouts etc.

From Camera, to Audio, to Lighting equipment, all technology will be listed. For the record I am not an expert within the technology field and have basically developed my skills through trial and error and performing a lot of research online!

I will also include a link to the company I use for "Royalty Free Music", which I include in pretty much all of my uploaded Social Media videos.

Please note all links below are "Affiliated" either with Amazon, eBay or a direct product company.

Please "Support" Strength Oldschool by using the "Affiliated" links below. Any purchases made through the following links will enable Strength Oldschool to receive a small commission, which will be hugely appreciated!



The equipment Strength Oldschool uses to record workouts and creative content in general are listed below.

(* Amazon Affiliate Links *)

Sony Vlog camera ZV-1
RØDE Wireless Go II Microphones
Blue Yeti USB Microphone
RALENO LED Video Lighting Kit
Anker Power Bank
Anker Quick Charge 3.0
Sony ZV-1 Camera Mobile Power Bank Charger + Dummy Battery
Sony ZV-1 SMALLRIG Camera Cage
SMALLRIG Aluminum Power Bank Holder
Portable LED Photography Light Wand
Ulanzi Portable Magnetic RGB Video Light

Here is a creative video produced by Strength Oldschool a while back using the "Light Wand" and "Magnetic Video Light", as listed above.



A lot of my Youtube "Shorts" videos are recorded using my Google Pixel 3a xl Mobile Phone. I record at 4K to achieve the best possible video quality. The Shotgun Microphone is fantastic!

(* Amazon Affiliate Links *)

Google Pixel 3a xl
Smartphone Shotgun Microphone



Artlist Royalty Free Music for Youtube and other Social Media Platforms

This is the company Strength Oldschool uses when seeking music for Youtube videos and other social media channel videos including LIVE Streaming, etc. Check them out if you require original 'Copyright Free' music.


Thank you for supporting Strength Oldschool.

Keep training hard!

All the best,

Strength Oldschool