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Strength Oldschool

Bodybuilding Youtube Video Production Service


Strength Oldschool loves to create "Motivational" Bodybuilding / Fitness videos for Youtube. Check out the following video we made on Bodybuilding Legend, Tom Platz:


** To see our other work click here.

If you like our style of work and wish us to create something similar for you then please contact Strength Oldschool to discuss your project in more detail.

Your video does not necessarily have to be 'motivational'. We can produce a standard workout video for you with slow motion effects and titles etc.

Simply send us your video footage and any photos you wish to include within your video.

We will automatically produce your video for "monetized" purposes meaning we will be extremely careful to select music that does not infringe upon copyright. Should you have a track or a selection of music which you would like us to use within your video, simply send it to us. Otherwise, we will select appropriate music for your video.

Contact us for more details regarding this service and to discuss your project.


Strength Oldschool try to complete projects within 7 days. Sometimes much less while sometimes more days are required - Just depends on the amount of video footage you send to us and your project requirements. Every client project is unique.

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