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  1. Thurs 29 July 2021 - (Wrist Injury) REHAB Workout 2 Same workout as before but I increased the weights ever so slightly. This workout was recorded as a LIVE training session on Twitch. View it here. TRICEP PUSHDOWNS (2" Watson Thick Ez-Bar) 11kg (24.2 lbs) - 10 sets of 25 reps REVERSE EZ-BAR CURLS (2" Bar from Strength-Shop-uk) 11kg (24.2 lbs) - 10 sets of 25 reps IRONMIND 2" Thick Rolling Handle 5kg (11 lbs) - 10 sets - Forward Rotations + Reverse Rotations * 1 set = 5 reps i.e. 5 reps forward rotations + 5 reps reverse rotations SEATED
  2. Tues 27 July 2021 - Update on Injury The pain is bad. If I fully stretch out my arm i.e. let me arm completely hang down as normal, it feels like the fibers in my wrist are being pulled apart creating an intense painful burning feeling, not pleasant at all. However, instead of doing absolutely nothing I thought I'd train on exercises which don't affect the injury. I may be better to just completely rest my injury for two weeks or so but given I've just got back into training after a long lay off, I don't wish to stop completely. So here's a workout which I call "Rehab". TRICEP PUSH
  3. The Training Program Christopher Reeves used to get in shape for his Superman role. Designed by the man who played Darth Vader in Star Wars, David Prowse.

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  4. Frank Marchante was a close friend of Sergio. He also wrote and helped Sergio produce his book.

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  5. Excuse the Weider bullsh*t at the bottom of the photo. Sergio didn't build his physique through "Weider Training Principles". To get an idea of how Sergio trained read this article.

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  6. SAT 24 July 2021 - Is there a difference to using a thick bar for Bench Pressing? Yesterday evening I was thinking about all my home gym equipment, mainly all my thick grip training bars and whether or not I actually needed them. I was thinking that because I have a good range of Fat Gripz and Alpha Grips which can easily be added to regular dumbbell handles, barbells and cable handles for machines. So today I decided to Bench Press and test out my strength using two barbells; my 2" thick Watson Barbell and my regular 1.25" barbell. This workout was recorded LIVE on my Tw
  7. Here's a photo of my current home gym setup. Half of my livingroom in my house is split into a training area. There's not much space but there is enough room to get solid workouts in. To the left is my brand new Power Rack by Iron King. To the right is my "custom" single stack lat pulldown machine by Watson. I also have all my thick bar Grip Training attachments (not pictured) and Fat Gripz / Alpha Grips stored just under my TV. In another area of my house I have Ironmaster Quick Lock Adjustable Dumbbells including a large selection of Hex Rubber Dumbbells ranging from 1kg up
  8. I always loved this 'birds eye view' photo showing Muhammad Ali walking away victorious after knocking out his opponent. Great shot.

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  9. Long gone are the days of the "classic" bodybuilding look - Wide shoulders, big arms, tiny waist, athletic legs, oozing health and vitality. Serge Nubret and Arnold (pictured above) was a prime example of this. The classic, flowing lines have vanished and sadly, possibly never to be seen again. From the mid '90's onwards, the sport of bodybuilding took a dive and plunged into a state of mass, belly freaks! Blame the drugs, the judges, the bodybuilders themselves, whomever...bodybuilding unfortunately became and has become a freak show for the wrong reasons. No wonder it's not an Olympic sport
  10. * This article by Strength Oldschool was initially written on Dec 3, 2016. It has now been updated as of 8 March 2021. * Please watch the video first before reading the article - The video only goes up to 2016 and does not contain footage of later Mr Olympia winners. In these modern times the ‘Mr Olympia’ is considered the KING of ALL bodybuilding contests. Who ever wins the Mr Olympia is simply known as the best bodybuilder on the planet. It’s a title that every single heavyweight competitive bodybuilder hopes to win. Before the Mr Olympia contes
  11. * Written by Ray Nobile, with assistance from his beautiful wife Marion, and Magnus.* This promotional article has been edited by Strength Oldschool. NOTE by Strength Oldschool: Ray Nobile has a new ebook out which I highly recommend all serious bodybuilding and strongman fans read! As a teaser guests can read Chapter 1 and Chapter 5 below for free to get a taste of what the book entails. To purchase this eBook, at the cost of only 5 Euros, (price may be subject to change) please contact Ray Nobile directly at the following email address: raynobile@gmail.com. IN
  12. Ordered a couple of new items for my home gym a few weeks ago and they arrived yesterday. I'm not an experienced grip trainer but over the last several years I've taken a strong liking to grip training. So when I perform typical movements like pulldowns, rows, deadlifts, curls etc I either use some type of Fat Grip like Alpha Grips (* Apply "strengtholdschool" at checkout to SAVE 10%!) or a custom thick grip implement. I own several thick grip axles, barbells and dumbbells, all measuring different sizes i.e. 2" grip, 2.36" grip etc. Country Crush is a well known company found
  13. I have collected first-hand accounts on how Arnold Schwarzenegger really trained including info on his diet. I'm a massive fan of Arnold, but let’s face it, there’s a ton of bullshit information out there online, in books, in magazines etc which makes it difficult knowing what to believe. Well here’s first hand accounts taken from people who have trained with Arnold and observed him training in real life. FIRST HAND ACCOUNTS David C New mentions: Dan Brillantino's response to David C New: For anyone who is not familar with Dr. Michael
  14. Let me start by saying this article is not about providing only positive comments about Ironmaster to simply make some "commission" money back from referred sales... this Ironmaster review and any other product review on this website, regarding gym equipment in general, no matter the brand, will always be truthful and honest. Expect no bullshit from Strength Oldschool. No company is perfect, there will always be something negative to say regarding either the product, the delivery service, customer service, how a company's website has been designed (user friendly etc) or whether the website con
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