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  1. 6ft 8 giant Tom Stoltman from Invergordon, Scotland, has become the first ever Scotsman to win the World's Strongest Man contest and pick up his first ever WSM title. He beat legend, Brian Shaw who was pursuing his 5th possible title to tie strongman legend, Mariusz Pudzianowski's record of 5 wins. Final standings can be viewed below.
  2. EAST VS WEST ARMWRESTLING SUPERMATCHES LIVE FROM TURKEY (7pm Turkey time) on the "Voice of Armwrestling" Youtube channel. Scheduled for Sat, Jun 12, 2021 Additional LIVE Matches Engin Terzi vs Artur Makarov Efe Kömek vs Herman Stevens Sarah Backman vs Irina Drieva Todd Hutchings vs Zoloev Khadzimurat Tony Kitowski vs Bozhidar Simeonov Esra Kiraz vs Bella Plieva Erkan Damar vs Joshua Gustin Grant * If you are based in the UK, tune in around 4.30pm.
  3. I thought I'd compile a list of resources I visit on a regular basis linking to some of the UK / International online stores that sell great Grip & Forearm Training Tools and also include links to my favourite Youtubers whom I watch that cover Arm Wrestling and Grip Training. This list will be continuously updated over time. None of these links are "Affiliated" but if companies see this and appreciate the free advertising and wish to provide "Discount Codes" please get in touch. UK GRIP TRAINING TOOLS David Horne's World of Grip PullumSports (Sells Ironmind products) *
  4. This young strength athlete is incredible. Amazing genetics. Exclusive video from Andrey Smaev's biceps training feat. World Record holder (113 kg strict bicep curl) Denis Cyplenkov.
  5. The video shows 'The Georgian Hulk' performing a single partial rep with 100 kg (220 lbs) dumbbell with one arm on the Preacher Bench. He then does a single rep with 250 kg (550 lbs) on the Flat Bench Press RAW!! It's only a matter of time before Levan Saginashvili meets Devon Larratt. Levan is a monster but Devon has the heart and the soldier mentality. Who you betting on?
  6. Anyone played this board game? Pretty rare but can be purchased here. RARE Bodybuilding Board Game from 1990 "Muscle Challenge". Muscle Challenge includes 1100 Q&As on Bodybuilding History, Contests, Nicknames, Terminology, Gyms, Places, Personalities, Equipment, Anatomy, Books, Exercises, Magazines, and much more. Players try to answer questions correctly to collect 8 different colored Olympic Plates on their Barbell and a Tan, Symmetry, and Posing Cards. Then, The first player to correctly answer a question from the center of the game board WINS!!

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  7. These Alpha Grips by Iron Bull Strength are just as good as Fat Gripz. Different shape to Fat Gripz which I suppose is meant to suit the natural grooves of the hand better. These thick Alpha grips are slightly shorter in length also which I find better fits certain gym equipment handles. I own a set of standard dumbbell handles which unfortunately the Fat Gripz did not fit. Thankfully the Alpha Grips do. I own three sets of Alpha Grips... 2" grips, 2.5" and 3". The photo displays the 3" Alpha Grips. Surprisingly, Fat Gripz do not offer a 3" set which I don't understand. Alpha G

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  8. I'm looking into getting a Leg Curl / Leg Extension Attachment training device (pictured opposite) and Ironmaster is at the top of my list as I've previously purchased equipment from them in the past and I've NEVER been disappointed. This Leg Attachment (Pro version) on the Ironmaster UK website retails at £189.00 (GBP). Ironmaster.com retails the same device at $189.00 (US). The downside with buying something like this means I would also need to purchase an Ironmaster Pro Bench as the Leg Attachment Pro only fits the Pro Bench. Ironmaster.com retails the "Super Bench Pro"

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  9. These unique devices are key to compact home garage gyms. I found this photo online after researching leg curl and leg extension attachments for power racks. Even with buying a combo 'leg extension / leg curl machine' it would still take up a good bit of space in a small home gym. So the logical answer would be to buy a special rack attachment that would enable the lifter to perform extensions and leg curls for the legs. The device pictured I'm not quite sure if its for leg extensions or leg curls but it would be cool if something like this could be designed to be used for both muscle gro

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  10. The legend Freddy Ortiz training in his 60s. Impressive. The man built one of the best physiques and most incredible arms of all time. A living legend of the sport. Now in his 70's and still training.

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  11. I watched the match and it was incredible and shocking. I wanted Devon to win (no hate to the Monster) and honestly thought it would be a battle for Devon given how strong the Monster is. However it went the opposite way hence why I'm shocked...Devon demolished the Monster EASILY!! It was one of those matches where you couldn't quite believe what you just witnessed. Here's a breakdown by Ryan Bowen.
  12. Mr Pennsylvania Mike Mentzer at 19 years young weighing 195 lbs at 5ft 8 tall. His arms were HUGE! I doubt at this age, he built his body using HIT, I'm sure it would have been through good old fashioned 20 sets per bodypart...Arnold style. 30 years later he would pass away along with his brother. Sad.

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