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  1. Welcome to the site SoCal, Thanks for taking the time to respond and provide such information. Much appreciated. Do you happen to know how Gary is doing today? Is he still designing gym equipment?
  2. Heated aggressive talk in the world of Arm Wrestling today from Gary Roberts (Arm TV) towards Arm Wrestler Ryan Bowen. Watch the video below. Does Gary Roberts have a right to be angry?
  3. Welcome to Strength Oldschool Bwyn89, I wasn't aware that Gary used the Cincinnati Bengals to help create his exercise machines. I do not know the answer to your question but I would like to think that they were payed for their time. I can't seem to find any info online regarding this, sorry.
  4. This is all the bodybuilding, weightlifting and autobiography books I've collected over the last 20+ years. I also have a billion bodybuilding magazines stored away in one of my rooms. My favourite magazines were the classic mags from the pre-1970s, for example, Reg Park, Casey Viator, Arnold and Sergio Oliva. My top book which I own is "The Complete Keys to Progress" by John McCallum - outstanding book, which I highly recommend and which you can still buy for cheap on Amazon. Which weight training books do you own?
  5. Huge Arm Wrestling match coming up in the next week or two between Todd Zilla (Todd Hutchings) and Lachlan Adair. Already there's been shots fired from Lachlan's mouth which doesn't put Todd Zilla in a good light (see video below).
  6. Before Sergio transformed into 'The Myth' he was an Olympic Weightlifter who built his physique with heavy ass weights! Although, without permission, he did bodybuilding on the side.

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  7. I hate to disrespect the late Chris Dickerson but he should never have won in '82. He looked much better in 1980 and 1981. God know's what was going on with his elbow in '82?

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  8. Sad news as 1982 Mr Olympia winner Chris Dickerson passed away yesterday due to heart problems. Born: 25 Aug 1939 Died: 23 Dec 2021

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  9. Ali Malla had a superb physique, a very underrated bodybuilder who competed from the early 1980's onwards.

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  10. On June 22, 2022 at King of the Table 4 - Devon Larratt will take on Levan Saginashvili who is considered UNBEATABLE due to his massive size and crazy strength levels. Can Devon pull off the impossible?
  11. Superb matches of all competitors. Real shame for John Brzenk. I honestly thought he would win atleast one match and he almost did during round 1 but it wasn't to be unfortunately. So Devon now moves on to Lavan! What next for John Brzenk?....Lose weight and compete in lighter classes?....Gain more weight and strength for a rematch against Devon?....Retire??
  12. Massive Arm Wrestling match today between two G.O.A.T.s... The Greatest Arm Wrestler of All Time, John Brzenk and Devon Larratt who are pulling at 'King of the Table 2' along with other notable Arm Wrestlers such as Larry Wheels. You can watch the match LIVE on Coresports in just over an hour! (UK time - 6pm to be precise).
  13. As I'm sure if everyone knows by now but simply to update this topic, the broadcasted news of Mr Richards death turned out to be a hoax thankfully. So Victor Richards is still very much ALIVE and well.
  14. ** This is an old Interview from 2005 By David Robson - Edited by: Strength Oldschool Dan Lurie would sadly pass away at the age of 90 in 2013. R.I.P Dan Lurie: April 1. 1923 - Nov 6. 2013 In the following interview Dan tells his inspiring story and shares the methods that have helped him to stay in excellent physical shape at age 82. Get the scoop about Dan Lurie right here! Anyone even remotely connected with the iron game will remember one of its greatest ambassadors, Dan Lurie. Back in the 40s and 50s, Dan carved a niche for himself as the worlds strongest, mos
  15. In light of the recent news of the passing of George Butler (1944 - 2021) I thought it would be nice to post an article from Muscle & Fitness dated back in March, 2017, written by the late Shawn Perine (1966 - 2017). ~ Strength Oldschool An Interview with director George Butler (pictured below back in 2004), the man responsible for making bodybuilding a cultural mainstay that has inspired a younger generation of lifters. It's hard to overstate the impact of director George Butler's 1977 documentary "Pumping Iron", not just on bodybuilding, but on society. For one thin
  16. Really interesting info from bodybuilding legend, Mike Mentzer. Full Mike Mentzer Interview on John Little's Youtube channel. Do you think the statement made by Mike Mentzer is true?
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