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Found 3 results

  1. * Equipment I used for my Low Cable Pulley * 1. Single Swivel Pulley Wheel (quantity - 2) - https://amzn.to/3AESilQ 2. Lashing Loops or Heavy Duty Hanging Straps with Looped Ends (quantity - 1): https://amzn.to/3rWNhkN 3. LFJ Fitness Steel Cable, Heavy Duty - Fixed 3m length with Gravity Ball (quantity - 1): https://amzn.to/3AGDRxw 4. Heavy Duty Swing Hanging Straps (quantity - 1): https://amzn.to/3GcNOEi 5. Heavy Duty Carabiner Clips (quantity - 4): https://amzn.to/3AJmoF2 6. Ironmind Olympic Plate Loading Pin (quantity - 1): https://www.ironmind-store.com/15-Olympic-Plate-Loading-Pin-Without-Carabiner/productinfo/1314/ You don't necessarily need an "Ironmind" loading pin, another option is to buy one from Amazon: https://amzn.to/3HeiKFh 7. To stop the strap at the bottom of the rack (which secured the bottom swivel wheel) from moving upwards while the pulley was used, I inserted a "JCup" into the rack to act as a barrier. This worked but then I changed to a 'Band Peg' which I preferred. * Suggestions / Tips * 1. Make sure every piece of equipment you buy has a "Strong" weight capacity. This will be relative per person. I'm not strong so the equipment I purchased basically had a load rating of around 100 kg (220 lbs). This was enough for me. If you lift much more weight than that...Look for better quality of equipment. 2. I only used one cable for my low pulley. The Amazon link provided above (https://amzn.to/3AGDRxw) offers different lengths. I chose 3m which happened to be perfect. You may need something longer or shorter. For comparison, the height of my Power Rack is 225cm (2m 25cm) and I attached the top of my cable pulley to my chinning bar at that height, as can be seen in my video. If you wish a "custom" made longer pulley cable, visit the cable link above and contact the company directly. They can make any length of cable you need at a relatively low price. * My Overall Thoughts * Initially setting up my rack with a cable pulley sounded problematic. Even after watching other YouTubers create videos on setting up cable pulley systems...to me, it still looked a pain in the neck to setup and put away the equipment. I ended up checking out gym equipment websites to consider buying a low/high cable pulley machine (really I just wanted a low cable pulley). The first website was Ironmaster UK offering their "Cable Tower Attachment V2" (https://ironmaster.co.uk/products/cable-tower-attachment-v2/ref/3/) priced at £600. This looked great and compact but also appealed to me for being "plate loading" but unfortunately it required the Ironmaster Super Bench (https://ironmaster.co.uk/products/super-bench-pro/ref/3/) to attach to the Cable Tower to stabilise it when being used. This was priced around £450. As I already have a bench and don't need another one, I fortunately discovered another method in order to stabilise the Cable Tower which was to purchase the Ironmaster "Cable Tower Seat" (https://ironmaster.co.uk/products/cable-tower-seat/ref/3/) priced at £140. So in total the money added up to around £750 which wasn't too bad. The only problem was Ironmaster couldn't deliver for at least several months and their 'Cable Tower Seat' was sold out! So I moved on to try other companies with no luck - other cable pulley machines were either too big for my home gym or needed to be bolted to the ground or wall. This was a major NO NO for me as I train in my house livingroom. So I had no choice but to experiment setting up my own cable pulley rack system. I'm extremely thankful now that I didn't rush to buy the first cable pulley machine I saw online because the low cable pulley I've currently setup works brilliantly, extremely smooth and on a much lesser, cheaper budget.
  2. These unique devices are key to compact home garage gyms. I found this photo online after researching leg curl and leg extension attachments for power racks. Even with buying a combo 'leg extension / leg curl machine' it would still take up a good bit of space in a small home gym. So the logical answer would be to buy a special rack attachment that would enable the lifter to perform extensions and leg curls for the legs. The device pictured I'm not quite sure if its for leg extensions or leg curls but it would be cool if something like this could be designed to be used for both muscle groups. Having the ability to "easily" add and remove such a training device to and from your rack would be fantastic and save a lot of training space (and money!). Unfortunately, gym companies don't seem to be thinking about equipment like this and I believe there's maybe only one or two companies designing such devices. One such gym company is Sorinex. You do have companies like Ironmaster who have designed a leg extension / leg curl attachment to be used on weight benches which is great but if you don't currently use an Ironmaster weight bench then it means buying "another" weight bench (which takes up more storage space) OR... you do have the option of perhaps replacing your current bench and sticking with only Ironmaster. Let's hope more big named companies can start catering for the "Home Gym User" and design more clever, heavy duty, compact training equipment.
  3. Need inspiration to build your own Home Garage Gym...Check these great home gyms out! If you already have a Home Gym, upload your photos here and show it off! Consider telling us the size of your gym, what gym equipment you have, what gym equipment you're thinking of buying etc? Check out this first example... Not sure whom this home gym belongs to but they obviously love Ironmaster Home Gym Equipment. Very clean and simple setup with the gym equipment neatly stored away. Floor training space has been maximised due to storing gym equipment accessories on the wall creating a clever use of space. Throw in the classic, old school bodybuilding posters on the wall for training motivation and you have one hell of a great, minimalist style gym. Hats off to the owner. Gym Equipment Purchased Ironmaster Super Bench Ironmaster Quick Lock Adjustable Dumbbells Ironmaster Super Bench Accessories Ironmaster IM2000 Self Spotting Machine If you are based in the USA the above products can be purchased from here. More photos of the same gym... Looking for your own home gym bodybuilding motivational posters? Click here!
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