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  1. Every so often I look through old gym footage of myself. Today I was checking out garage gym footage from back in 2017 where I was pumping up using resistance bands. I normally hate looking at my physique and back in 2017 I thought i didn't look good in the following footage. However, its now 2022 and with fresh eyes, I must have been a damn fool to think I didn't look good. My physique back in 2017 was thick, I actually looked great (in my opinion). Sometimes you're not as bad as you think you look and in time, you'll actually appreciate your physique. Having always been skinny at a younger age, it took considerable time as a "natural" to pack on the beef and at almost 16 stone bodyweight (225 lbs) at 6ft tall back in 2017, there's a remarkable difference in my physique if I compare myself back to the photo at around 15 years of age weighing between 9 - 10 stone! I'm proud of myself. Yes in 2017 I carried maybe a tad too much beef around my belly, but I liked the look of my body at such a high bodyweight. Ripped physiques look good but I much prefer the beefier look. After reflecting today I think its time for me to get back into serious consistent training again. Easier said than done given my life is very complicated at this point in time (lots of stress) but I'm going to try! If anyone has questions ask away.
  2. Old Charles Atlas Advert - From Skinny Weakling to Muscle Man Charles Atlas, born Angelo Siciliano in 1893 based his adverts on his own life. Bullied as a youngster, he began training using isometric exercises only, no weights or drugs. Atlas was named "The World's Most Beautiful Man" in 1921 and "The World's Most Perfectly Developed Man" in 1922 in contests sponsored by Bernarr Macfadden, publisher of Physical Culture magazine. In 1928, with the help of adman Charles Roman who coined the term "Dynamic Tension" to describe Atlas' equipment-free body-building program, and he also created several imaginative ad campaigns, usually using comics narratives, to demonstrate the benefits of Dynamic Tension. Source:

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