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  1. Back in Aug 7, 2014, Bodybuilding Legend Bill Grant reported the following... * Photo above: Harold Poole at 18 Years Old BRIEF BIO ON HAROLD POOLE Harold Poole (Dec. 25, 1943 - Aug. 7, 2014 ) was a former AAU, IFBB and WBBG professional bodybuilder. Poole's athleticism was apparent very early on. He was quarterback on his football team at Shortridge High School in Indianapolis, placed fourth in the state high school wrestling championships, ran 440 yards in 50 seconds and put the 12 pound shot 55 feet. In 1960, Poole entered the AAU Mr. America and, at the age of 16, took 18th place. His final AAU teen opportunity came in June 1963, where he won most muscular, but was the runner-up to Vern Weaver. Three months later, Poole switched to the IFBB and, at age 19, he won the Mr. Universe. In 1964, he became the first African-American to be named IFBB Mr. America. Starting in 1965, Poole became the only man to compete in the first three Mr. Olympia contests finishing runner-up to Larry Scott in the first two Olympias. * Photo below: 1963 Mr Universe - Harold Poole Wins at 19 Years Old * Photo below: 1966 Mr Olympia - Chuck Sipes - Sergio Oliva - Harold Poole He retired from bodybuilding competition following the 1982 IFBB Night Of Champions, where he placed outside the top 10. He lived in Florida, where he continued to train with weights and practice martial arts until the end of 2010, when he moved to New York City. He was inducted to the IFBB Hall of Fame in 2004 and the WBBG Hall of Fame in 2007. In 2008, Poole was voted the Greatest Teenage Bodybuilder of All-Time. COMPETITION / AWARDS HISTORY 1960 Mr America - AAU, 18th Mr Mid-America - AAU, Most Muscular, 2nd 1961 Mr America - AAU, 4th Junior Mr America - AAU, Overall Winner 1962 Mr America - AAU, Most Muscular, 1st Mr America - AAU, 2nd Mr North America - AAU, Winner 1963 Mr America - AAU, Most Muscular, 1st Mr America - AAU, 2nd Teen Mr America - AAU, 2nd Universe - IFBB, Tall, 1st Universe - IFBB, Overall Winner 1964 Mr America - IFBB, Tall, 1st Mr America - IFBB, Overall Winner 1965 Mr. Olympia - IFBB, 2nd 1966 Mr. Olympia - IFBB, 2nd 1967 Pro Mr America - WBBG, Winner Mr. Olympia - IFBB, 2nd 1968 Pro Mr America - WBBG, Winner 1971 Mr USA - IFBB, Tall, 1st 1972 Mr World - IFBB, Tall, 3rd 1980 Night of Champions - IFBB, 12th 1981 Grand Prix California - IFBB, 7th Grand Prix New England - IFBB, 9th Night of Champions - IFBB, 6th Canada Pro Cup - IFBB, 8th 1982 World Pro Championships - IFBB, 9th 2004 IFBB Hall of Fame 2007 WBBG Hall of Fame timfogarty states... Vince B states... Harold Poole used to work as a bodyguard for the first ever supermodel, Twiggy. * Photo below: Twiggy, Harold Poole and Denie Walters (far right). Other two men I don't know. * Photo above: Michael Guibilo, Twiggy, Harold Poole, Denie Walters. Man on far right, not sure. A friend of Harold's stated the following... Richard Young stated... TheSpritz0 stated the following... Michael Mavroudes response to TheSpritz0... There are stories of Harold being a "bad ass" and suffering mental issues... John Backos stated... Jason Allen stated... NYC girl stated... Robert Mansfield stated... Tony Estrada stated... Some older photos of Harold before he passed away... * Photo below: Harold Poole at 66 years old. * Photo below: Harold Poole from around 2008 looking big. RIP Harold Poole. Watch the following video to hear Leroy Colbert's opinions of Harold Poole... If anyone would like to share stories on Harold please comment below.
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