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Let me first begin by telling you a little about myself and how and why Strength-Oldschool began. My name is Robert Forbes and I was born 8 July 1981. Since my early child-hood years I’ve always been fascinated by “muscle”. As a youngster I was struck with the body building bug after watching (countless times) Arnold and Jean-Claude Van Damme movies. Back then I was just skin and bone and badly wanted to look like Arnold and Jean Claude. So in order to change from skinny weaklin’ to muscle giant ha ha, I began seeking information on how to get bigger and stronger which led me to begin buying bodybuilding magazines like Joe Weider’s ‘Flex’. Back then the “Internet” hadn’t been invented yet and so to read about current and past champion bodybuilders I had to either go to a library, buy books from a store or buy bodybuilding magazines which were published once a month. Two bodybuilding films I remember watching as a kid were Arnold – The Early Years and Pumping Iron starring the one and only Arnold Schwarzenegger. As you can tell I’m a huge Arnold fan, still am and always will be.

As the years rolled on, I moved from training in my bedroom, to my first real gym. Upon which I discovered how to train properly and cut back on the three hours a day training marathons!! After a year or so, my gym closed but I later found a new gym by the name of The Hardcore hell Hole Gym owned at that point in time by professional bodybuilder Stevie Creighton. This was actually my first real taste of a true ‘hardcore’ bodybuilding gym. It was at this gym that I developed a taste for strength and so began my pursuit of getting stronger and I dived into the world of Powerlifting and Olympic Weight Training.

Within a couple of years I began competing in local powerlifting and olympic lifting contests from 2003 to 2005. Why so brief? Unfortunately I hurt my knees one day during training which led me to ‘retire’ so to speak from competition. Shame really as each competition I was growing stronger. However In 2006 I remember thinking about making a comeback to competition as my knees were better after having taken six months off from training. I was making great strides in strength while training in the gym, smashing existing ‘PR’s easily. My knees surprisingly held strong throughout this heavy training period but upon thinking of entering a Scottish Powerlifting competition which was due around Christmas time I believe, I ended up burning myself out. I was experimenting with a new training regime at that time which led to fast strength gains but also led to me overtraining. This burn out sapped all the strength gains I had made. As a result, I chose not to enter the competition. I hope to one day get back into powerlifting competition. I have never lost my passion for body building and strength training. I do truly love it.

As my days of competing were over (for the time being), I began thinking of creating a website around my passion. The website had to be dedicated to both ‘Classic’ Bodybuilding and Strength Training. The reason why I say ‘Classic’ is because I much prefer the look of bodybuilders from the past – early 1900’s right up through to the 1970’s. Bodybuilding for me has always been about aesthetic physiques with as much muscle mass as possible but maintaining the aesthetic appeal i.e. broad shoulders, small waist, classic lines of pure bodybuilding sculpture. No huge hanging gut like today’s bodybuilding Monsters! I can appreciate bodybuilders from the 1980’s into the 1990’s but after that period, aesthetics in my opinion went out the window. And along came the disgusting huge guts due to HGH and god knows what else. I created Strength-Oldschool to appeal to people who appreciated MASS with CLASS physiques like the old school bodybuilders from the past i.e. Steve Reeves, Sergio Oliva, Arnold, Reg Park, Serge Nubret, Franco Columbu etc. These athletes didn’t just have muscle, they were strong too! But the biggest reason why I began my own bodybuilding website was to inspire people to train and get in shape. So on December 24 2009, Strength-Oldschool was born.

To read more on my past powerlifting and Olympic lifting stats please click here.


Welcome Guests / Members

Strength-Oldschool is a true ‘old-school’ bodybuilding / strength training website. Please don’t be put off by the term “Old School”, it simply refers to an aesthetic looking, strong physique. If you’re a fan of the classic physique, that of Arnold, Steve Reeves, Reg Park, Sergio Oliva etc then you will know exactly what I am referring to.

This website is ideal for all types of lifters i.e. Bodybuilders, Powerlifters, Strength Trainers, Fitness enthusiasts etc. No-matter your level of training experience you will find lot’s of information on how to properly train by reading training articles from within our Blog. Also check out our Gallery of Classic Bodybuilders and Strength Legends for inspiration.


Online Personal Training Service

Strength-Oldschool provides Online Personal Training to individuals world-wide. Our main targeted clientele are beginners of all age groups – People who are either skinny and lack self-confidence or just don’t know how to train properly and are looking for guidance / training program to build muscle and get stronger. So if you are skinny, or a complete beginner and don’t know what the hell to do in a gym, or maybe you have been training for months and not seen any results….WAIT!!! Don’t run for the STEROIDS!!!….Contact Strength-Oldschool and let us design a workout / training program around you that will add MEATY MUSCLE and STRENGTH to your frame in no time at all…The ‘NATURAL WAY!’  A Customised Training Program costs £25.00 (UK British Pounds). As a client you will receive feedback on your training. All feedback will be given via email or by text message if you live locally. Please be aware that feedback may take between 24-48 hrs.

*NOTE* No Refunds are given on this package.


One to One Personal Training Service

Strength-Oldschool now provides ‘One to One Personal Training’ for those individuals who happen to stay nearby the Strength Oldschool Gym. Our One to One Personal Training appeals more to individuals who lack confidence in going to a commercial gym surrounded by lot’s of serious lifters, this can be intimidating. A few sessions a week on a one to one basis with Strength-Oldschool can really help build your self-confidence. Our main targeted clientele are beginners of all age groups – People who don’t know how to train properly and are looking for guidance / training program to build muscle and get stronger. However, if you are female or male and are looking to just get in shape and learn how to train correctly and build your confidence, then please by all means contact Strength-Oldschool for more information or to arrange a date and a time to train on a ‘One to One’ basis. Strength-Oldschool charge £20.00 (UK British Pounds) per training session. Money must be payed upfront before the start of any training session. A training session will last 1 hour. Discounts are available for Block Bookings for individuals looking to train consistently on a month to month basis for ‘One to One Personal Training’ at the Strength-Oldschool Gym.

*NOTE* Strength-Oldschool are based in Wishaw, UK. See our contact page for full address details.


Strength-Oldschool Forum

Please consider joining our brand new Forum! We welcome all types of lifters from beginners to professionals, from bodybuilders to pure strength athletes. Whether you have been training for years or you’re in the process of starting out and need advice please drop by, welcome yourself, begin a training journal and become part of our community.

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You can submit comments and more simply by joining our website or logging in using your facebook or Twitter account.

Join us today and start sharing your thoughts on…

  • Bodybuilding and Strength Training.
  • Bodybuilding Competitions from the past to the present.
  • Who is the greatest bodybuilder ever?
  • Who is your favourite Bodybuilder or Strength athlete and why?
  • Compare past champions with current competitors.
  • Share your views on the best ways to build muscle – light weight or heavy weight?
  • The best approach to bulking up.
  • Nutrition – Your favourite junk food, Protein Supplements, foods in general….And BEER!! :)

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