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Home Gym DIY Cable Crossover Setup

By Strength Oldschool

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NOTE: The following information details my "OLD" setup. If you wish to see my "UPGRADED" setup, scroll down to the bottom of the page!

I always wanted a cable crossover machine for my Home Gym, but space and money prevented that. For a decent cable crossover machine, prices can be very costly. So instead I've created my own DIY cable crossover setup.

To create a similar setup, you will need the following equipment:

If you take some inspiration from watching my video and decide to create your own Cable Crossover setup, let me know how it goes!


I recently UPGRADED my setup, watch the video below for details...

The main adjustments was getting rid of the 7ft barbell and olympic plates that secured the old setup, and buying Bolt on Storage Plate Holders.

These plate holders would normally store olympic weights. They're exactly the same ones I use at the back of my Power Rack. All my Plate Holders have been "Custom-Made" or tweaked I should say, to be longer, in order to store extra weight plates. These ones for my Crossover setup are slightly longer at 40cm in length. By having the ends of my Cable Crossover setup extended out further from the rack, it means I can create an effective "crossover" movement instead of simply a "pressing" movement.

Some Power Racks have cable systems built in and the cable handles are the same width as the racks, which I don't think is wide enough to take full advantage of a cable "cross-over" exercise. In my opinion, if a lifter is simply pulling from the standard ends of a rack, they're really performing a cable press movement and not a "cross-over" movement. The lifter should really need to stretch out to the sides to grab handles to perform a cable cross-over exercise effectively instead of simply reaching straight behind them. The further apart the cable handles are, the more stretch you will get in the chest muscles. Hopefully that makes sense?

If you wish to make any comments or ask a question please visit the links below:

  • Youtube (Home Gym DIY Cable Crossover Setup video)
  • Youtube (Power Rack DIY Cable Crossover Upgrade video)

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Keep training hard folks!

All the best,

Strength Oldschool

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