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Let the Battle Commence - Ironmaster - RGB Gym Mood Lighting

By Strength Oldschool

* The following article contains Ironmaster, Amazon and other "Affiliated" links. This means if you click on one of these links and decide to buy something, Strength Oldschool will receive a small commission. Your support is greatly appreciated!

I consider myself a fairly creative person. I enjoy drawing and painting from time to time. I also dabbled in 'Web Design' many years ago. At University part of the degree I was studying at the time involved "Video Editing" which I loved. Years later I would use my 'editing' skills for creating Youtube videos relating to weight training, bodybuilding motivation and Art.

Whenever I get inspired, which unfortunately seems to be rare these days, and the creative juices flow, I like to create videos which are a break from the norm. The following video was based on using my Ironmaster Super Bench PRO with the PRO Leg Attachment. And in creative fashion, I thought I'd go for a colourful but dark moody type atmosphere to show off and promote the Super Bench PRO in a different light, so to speak. The equipment and lighting that I used for this video reminded me of 'Star Wars', so I went with it! Enjoy the video.


Below I have provided links to all the equipment used within this video. I've included direct links to both the UK and USA Ironmaster online stores. Any questions or comments please submit below!



Super Bench PRO
Leg Attachment PRO

* The Super Bench PRO will soon be taken off the Ironmaster website forever! You may possibly get a good discount for any stock remaining - click here!

If no stock is left, my recommendation is to buy the Super Bench PRO V2.


Super Bench PRO V2
Leg Attachment PRO


Sony Vlog camera ZV-1
► Artlist Royalty Free Music
► LUXCEO Portable LED Video Light Wand
► ULANZI Mini Video Light, RGB

* Lightsaber sound effect used within my video - Click here.

* For a full list of all the "Camera, Audio and Lighting" Equipment I use to create videos click here.

I hope you enjoyed this creative video. I'm not a professional video creator but the lighting and camera products I used, I do recommend. Also check out Artlist if you require "Royalty FREE Music" for your Youtube videos etc.

Please check out Strength Oldschool's other Home Gym Equipment Recommendations (Affiliate links and Discount Codes) such as BRAINGAIN, Mad Spotter, Gym-Pin, Fat Gripz, Iron Bull Strength and more!

If you wish to make any comments or ask a question please visit the links below:


Keep training hard folks!

All the best,

Strength Oldschool

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