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RIP Bodybuilding Legend Bill Pearl

By Strength Oldschool

On Oct. 31, 2021, I wished Bill Pearl a Happy Birthday on Facebook. He had turned 91 years old. And given how many messages Bill would have received on a daily basis, he still took the time to acknowledge my Facebook post. Great guy.

So it's with a heavy heart that I report the following sad news.

RIP Bodybuilding Legend Bill Pearl

Almost a year later, this great Bodybuilding Legend has unfortunately passed away.

Date: 14 Sept. 2022, reported by Judy, Bill Pearl's wife, on their Facebook page. Judy's message to everyone...


As you all know, Bill has overcome a lot of things that would have taken down a lesser man in this past year.

just as he was getting back in the gym after his accident, he developed a bacterial infection (Pseudomonas) which he apparently picked up while in the hospital. after intense antibiotic therapy, he overcame that.

I believe the Parkinsons finally defeated him.

He passed peacefully at home at 4:00 A.M this morning.

All day yesterday he was fretting about his facebook page,and had me post a couple of things he had prepared.

He loved to share stories of other peoples triumphs and accomplishments.
he had written a lot while his page was down last year which he asked me to continue to post.

He so much appreciated your prayers and messages of encouragement after his accident. He loved reading your comments and arguements. It kept him occupied when he was unable to do much physically. Thank you all. I know we will all miss him.

Judy Pearl"

RIP Bodybuilding Legend Bill Pearl - Photo of Bill Pearl - Judy Pearl and their three children

Photo: Bill, Judy and the Pearl family during happier, younger times.
Year: Unknown.

Really sad to hear another legend of the Iron Game has passed away. I honestly thought Bill would have lived to over a 100. Condolences to the Pearl family.

Bill Pearl (Oct. 31, 1930 - Sept.14, 2022) passed away at 91 years old. A true bodybuilding legend.

Next time you're in the gym folks, have a workout in Bill's honour!

Here's a great video on Bill Pearl and other Iron Game Legends back in 1995. You can even see the late Wag Bennett.

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If you long for the good ol' days of "Old School Bodybuilding" check out my Vintage Muscle Magazine videos on Youtube!

Take care everyone and happy training!

Strength Oldschool


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