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Sledgehammer Grip Strength Challenge

By Strength Oldschool

This video was initially recorded around August 4, 2022.

My sledgehammer weighs 3.2 kg (7 lbs) and the length from the top to the bottom of the shaft measures about 27.5" (inches). This for me was incredibly challenging and very humbling. Watch the video and try it yourself.

Below I have stated the equipment used within this challenge and also included the equipment used to record the footage.

* Note: The equipment listed below are "Amazon Affiliated" links which means if you click on the links and purchase something, Strength Oldschool will receive a small commission. Thanks for your support!

Equipment used:
Draper Hickory Shaft Sledge Hammer (3.2kg - 7lb)

Camera & Audio Equipment used:
Sony Vlog camera ZV-1

The following morning, on Aug 5, 2022, I picked up my sledgehammer and using my stronger hand (right), I completed the full 27.5" shaft! Didn't record it though!

Here is a video showing you how I added the measurements to my Sledgehammer shaft including a little forearm workout.


If you try this grip strength feat, let me know how it goes.

For extra motivation, here's Grip Strength expert, Jedd Johnson lifting a huge 20 lbs Sledgehammer!! Jedd described the lift as a "finger walk", which I like.


Keep training hard folks!

Strength Oldschool

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