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The Tragic Death of Bodybuilder Walter Milner

Canadian Bodybuilder Walter Milner RIP

By Strength Oldschool

Walter Milner was an up in coming Canadian Bodybuilder back in the 1970's / 80's. He was known for his incredible shoulders, triceps and traps as well as his tremendous strength in the gym. He was a powerbuilder so to speak. In 1983, tragedy struck as Walter who worked as a High Rise Window Cleaner, fell twelve floors to his death.

The following information regarding Walter has been found online and personally shared from people who knew Walter.

Actual Birth Date of Walter is unknown. According to art b (ex training partner of Walter's) in 1975 Walter was around 27 years old. That would mean Walter died around the age of 35 so his birth date was probably around 1948. Unfortunately there isn't much information out there on the web on this bodybuilder.

The following information is from Bodybuilding & Strength Author / Historian Ray Beck:

"Arnold Schwarzenegger and Frank Zane were blown away by this man's steel like muscles. He had a strange metabolism...very little fat on his body no matter how he ate. This former Mr Canada had a promising bodybuilding career and was well on his way to become the only man in the world to win both the "Mr Universe" title and World Champion Powerlifter - Light Heavyweight division in one year." ~ Ray Beck

The following information is from Igor Stein...

"I always wondered what happened to "Wally" Milner, I have an old Iron Man Mag from 1981 and it gives you some Information about Wally and the Training Routine he was using at the time for Powerlifting. Wally was on the Board of Directors for the International Fellowship of Christian Iron Men. He trained at Golds Gym for the Mr Canada Contest and Impressed Arnold, Robby and Heavy Duty Mike Mentzer and was Drug Free. He was Strong and could do Strict Lateral Raises for his Delt's with 90 lb Dumbbells and Ass to the Grass Squats with 500 lb and 400 lb Bench Presses." ~ Igor Stein

Igor went on to provide Walter's Powerlifting Routine he was using at the time...

Walter Milner's Powerlifting Routine:

Walter trained four days a week on Tues, Wed, Fri and Sat.

Tues and Wed are Heavy and Fri and Sat are Light Days. Every Second week he did his Deadlifting on a Monday.

Tues / Fri


  • Squats
  • Leg Press
  • Calf Raise


  • Bench Press
  • Incline Bench Press
  • Dips

Wed / Sat


  • Hyperextensions
  • Chins
  • T-Bar Rows
  • Seated Rows
  • Shrugs



  • Barbell or Dumbbell Curls using Cheats and slow Negatives
  • Preacher Curls
  • Incline Curls


  • Narrow Grip Bench Press using z/Bar
  • Pressdowns on Lat Machine
  • Standing or Sitting Tricep / Extensions


  • Heavy Lat Raise

As Mentioned, every second Monday he did Nothing but Deadlifts.

Wally did All Exercises for 3 Sets starting with 10 Reps, 7 Reps and 5 Reps and does 5 Sets for Calves. This Routine is from the 1981 Iron Man magazine.

Mr Canada Walter Milner Dead - MuscleMag Article

The following info was provided by art b:

"I met Wally in 1975 when i went to Gold's to also train for the 1975 Canada where i got second ( to Walter of course). Myself, Wally, and a friend of his trained together a few times, would hang out; even went to visit Vince's gym once ( I went back several years later to be trained as Vince's son Guy worked me out). Walter was drinking Geverol Protein with raw whole milk and tried to get 3 doz raw eggs during the day in the drinks lol. I saw him gain 10 pounds doing that while getting more ripped. Never have I met anyone else that could do that. For me, I got fat on too much milk; cutting was very difficult. In the evening we would go to the cafe down the street for an omelette. I remember Arnold eating a muffin with his meal before the Olympia and I was puzzled as most were on near zero carbs. At that cafe one time a guy came in and was asking Arnold about some exercises. He told Arnold he would do a set (of calves) walk around and come back for another, for ten sets. Arnold said "Vaught, you do ten sets of Valking around the geem". I almost choked and Wally burst out laughing, everyone rofl.

We trained each bodypart 3x per week. Mon, Wed, Fri was chest/back in the am, legs at night. Tue, Thurs, Sat was shoulders, arms - training once on those days. Obviously overtrained back then. Arnold, Denny, Robby, Waller, Ed Corney, Bill Grant, Paul Grant were there pumping. I believe they all were doing up to 25-30 sets per bodypart, perhaps less for arms. I did the same at times but also cut back the number of sets on some days. One time Ken Waller looking at me said to stop poaching eggs as it stunk up the gym. It wasn't me; i knew who it was but said nothing lol." ~ art b

The following info is from llewellRsA:

"My aunt married him, they had a daughter together who now lives in Canada. I remember as a child seeing images of him in my Aunts home and some items she still had. I wanted to be like my uncle and Arnie of course. Please do not so much focus on his death. He was an incredible man, a very spiritual man and a tragic loss." ~ llewellRsA

The following info is from Dame Frances Yates Fan Club:

"I was present in the theater when Walter won 1975 Mr Canada and Arnold was the guest poser. Walter was about 5'8" and he totally blasted Arnold right off that stage. I have never seen a physique like Walters. The most incredible freakish deltoid muscles, abs abs abs with really deep cuts and muscles like dock ropes jumping out of his skin. No photograph has ever come close to capturing how incredible his physique was. And he was strong as a horse. I could say something about his death, stuff I heard from people at the funeral. This is a very sad story, so I won't discuss that but this death did not have to happen." ~ Dame Frances Yates Fan Club

The following info is from Kal Rasmussen:

"Walter and I were window cleaners together for a few years. He always had my back. The only guy I trusted to hold me over the edge of a building by my belt loops. Wally would never have let me go. Wally was a deep Christian and he spoke to me of Christ often. At the time I had no interest. I have since come to Christ and now know where Wally got his principals for living life from. We miss him. Hello Peter if you ever read this. In Christ. Kal" ~ Kal Rasmussen

The following info is from Leah Beyette:

"He is my uncle." ~ Leah Beyette

In response to Leah Beyette, Brian Semple replied with the following:

"My sympathies. I met your uncle, I think it was 1975, he came to Québec City and presented the trophies at our Provincial Championship. He brought his mother along, that impressed me. I was just 17 and he was friendly and generous with some advice. I still have a photo he signed and wrote "God bless" on. I believe he placed 2nd to the great Robby Robinson at the Mr. international contest. It's very sad he died so young. A great loss." ~ Brian Semple

The following is from holyrunner100:

"I lived next door to the Milner family in Moosehorn, Manitiba when I was 12 years old, hung out with Walter's brother who is same age as me, 63. I'm still in touch with his brother. Great family, very sad day what happened to Walter. Condolences to family". ~ holyrunner100

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If you long for the good ol' days of "Old School Bodybuilding" check out my Vintage Muscle Magazine videos on Youtube!

Take care everyone and keep training hard!

Strength Oldschool


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